African City Project
The project developed for African countries

The project developed for African countries.
The objective of the project is to build 48,000 residential units, with the relevant facilities and infrastructure, estimated for a total of 290,000 inhabitants. It is planned to be developed in 8 phases.

€2,539,679,493 Sales Revenue: Housing units (42,000) + Water treatment plant + Solar power station (50MW) + Gas power station (50MW)

Betting on the characteristics of the TCS Construction System in terms of architecture and engineering, it was possible to plan the construction of all housing units, schools, hospitals, commercial spaces and other facilities in a way that drastically optimizes the level of investment as well as the quality of the final result, both in terms of aesthetics, quality and the comfort of the buildings which, together with the rapidity of construction and the sustainability of the options followed in the project, make this construction system one of the most suitable in the market so far.

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