In order to implement TCS Group values of local economic and social development, job-creation, energy efficiency and cost optimization in its large-scale urban development projects, TCS has opted for supplying its ICF blocks from factories built on-site.

Based on state-of-the-art technology, these TCS industrial units ensure that the production of the 4th generation ICF blocks is environmentally friendly and energy-efficient, without generating waste, polluting the environment or contaminating the water.

…The design of the TCS factories has been thought-through in detail

TCS factories are also equipped to take in unused ICF blocks from construction sites and recycle them, thus contributing towards an environmental policy of waste elimination.

The design of the TCS factories has been thought-through in detail, ensuring an efficient manufacturing process, whilst seeking to create work teams faithful to the Group’s philosophy, and providing its workers with a safe, clean and comfortable working environment.


1,872,640 Units


1,787,520 Units


595,840 Units

Fire resistance
No Burn. With our technology houses and facilities do not burn. Comparing to the burning time of 1 hour for traditional systems.
Acoustic insulation
51 to 54 db in accoustic insulation comparing to 12 db in traditional systems
Thermal insulation
High thermal insulation betweeb 22 to 24 RW. Traditional systems - only 6 RW
Only 4 persons needed, compared to 12 persons on average in traditional systems.
Masonry and roof slab
Only 4 days, compared to 45 days on average in traditional systems.
Construction time
Only 20 days, compared to 150 days on average in traditional systems.
Material waste
Material waste is only 3%, when for traditional systems is around 27%
Lego bricks
The TCS building blocks lock together like Lego bricks

This construction system enables the construction of a great variety of buildings. TCS Construction System is comprised of side by side EPS panels that are 65 mm thick each. These panels provide constant thermal and acoustic insulation. Reinforced steel is placed horizontally and vertically on connectors that are placed inside the blocks. This is a simple process which avoids the traditional system of time-consuming formwork placement and hand-tying rebar with stirrups.

  • Quality of the System – This system is both an extremely simple method of construction and technically advanced. Its characteristics allow for quality spaces that can be enjoyed by everyone. In designing this system, we have taken into account size, durability, design, weight, strength, color, soundproofing, cost savings, and more.
  • Easy Transportation – Transport of the system is more efficient than other methods. A UV protective plastic film is used for packaging the panels during transport and storage. Duringconstruction, this system involves minimal waste and all excess materials can be recycled or reused in future projects.
  • Easy, quick and clean installation – The TCS system is easier, cleaner and faster – taking less time with fewer people. This is the best way to build. This system is easy to learn, easy to install and requires almost no training time – similar to working with LEGOs™.
  • High labor productivity – The time required to install 1 TCS block is equivalent to placing 12 traditional bricks, which reduces labor costs significantly. Only one construction crew is required to do the job, instead of several as with traditional
  • Sustainability – The product is manufactured in an environmentally friendly way and is 50% more efficient to transport, thereby reducing pressure on our precious natural resources. The energy savings generated by a TCS structure will be up to 50%, continuing for the lifetime of the building. TCS enables a profitable project by lowering maintenance costs and reducing monthly energy bills.
  • Thermal and Acoustic insulation – The TCS system minimizes the rapid temperature changes within the home, keeping the temperature at about 23 degrees Celsius. The walls constructed of TCS blocks also drastically reduce the noise from outside. The result is a quiet atmosphere and peaceful living. This system can achieve a sound transmission classification (STC) of 51 or more.
  • Extreme weather conditions – Houses built with the TCS Construction System meet any storm, hurricane or seismic standards and will withstand any harsh weather conditions.
  • Fire resistance – The TCS walls can be constructed to withstand fire for over 4 hours. A flame retardant is used in the polystyrene panels during manufacturing.
  • Versatility – There are no limits to the TCS system, allowing any configuration and geometry of the buildings.
    The projects will not be limited to the regular configurations of
    prefabricated or modular systems.